Merge Investigations, Inc.


Merge Investigations, Inc. uses covert techniques and cutting edge profiling methods to ethically investigate and videotape evidence of an individual’s daily activities. We utilize multi-team and hidden position approaches to get superior results. Mobile cameras, stationary cameras, wireless pinhole cameras, stationary hidden cameras and digital camcorders are routinely utilized to obtain the highest quality and consistent video results.

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Surveillance Services - Merge Investigations, Inc.

We obtain superior video results by:

  • Hiring individuals that fit our surveillance model
  • Superior training
  • Monthly/Quarterly evaluations
  • Photo identification of subject
  • Insightful and meaningful recommendations
  • Databases and Searches prior to initiating surveillance
  • Consistent, proactive investigative follow-up
  • 24/7 availability

Merge Investigations, Inc. is committed to providing the finest comprehensive and complete surveillance results available.

Exceeding Expectations for over 25 Years