Merge Investigations, Inc.

Background Investigations

The best way to determine and contradict an individual’s current and future credibility is by looking at their past. Merge Investigations, Inc. conducts effective and thorough background investigations which provide insight into an individual’s past that otherwise may never be known. We provide comprehensive background services at both state and national levels.

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Bakcground Checks - Merge Investigations, Inc.

Merge Investigations, Inc. services may include any of the following a la carte components:

  • Criminal/civil records
  • Judgments and liens
  • Previous employment
  • Professional licenses
  • Complete motor vehicle reporting
  • Subject profiling
  • Asset analysis and identifications
  • Individual hobbies and activities
  • Pre-employment investigations
  • Complete database services
  • Workers compensation records check
  • Pre-employment checks
  • Locates
  • Electronic Forensics Data Procurement and Analysis
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