Merge Investigations, Inc.

About Us

Through effective recruiting and hiring, Merge Investigations, Inc. has amassed an elite team of investigators. Our dedicated staff is handpicked based on a comprehensive arrangement of qualifiers. With a rigorous training program and monthly evaluations, Merge Investigations, Inc. is committed to assembling the finest team of investigators. Our staff is evaluated on things such as:

  • Attitude and ethics
  • Investigative thoroughness
  • Video quality
  • Video results and statistics

Merge Investigations, Inc. is committed to retaining a team of professional, self-motivated, qualified, ethical and well-rounded individuals. With the assistance of the highest level of technology, our staff will rely heavily on their savvy, training and investigative techniques to consistently exceed our company’s standards and our clients’ expectations.

About Merge Investigations, Inc.
Exceeding Expectations for over 25 Years